Persian hunting scene

Persia and India

Neighbours of the the Tibetan plateau, the steppes of Asia, the peninsula of Arabia, and the Ottoman Empire, lands of invasions or shelters : Persia and North India have seen the Indo-europeans, the Greeks, the Huns, the Arabs, the Turks, and the Mongols.

Let's follow Alexander the Great or Gengis Khan, the arabian, afghan or russian conquerors, from Ispahan to Samarkand, looking for silk, spices and precious stones...



Persian and Indian arms


Indo persan whole steel bichwa dagger Indian whole steel bichwa dagger



Indo persian kard dagger Persian kard knife



peshkabz3 Persian pesh kabz, damascus blade, scabbard made of copper and ray skin



Couteau persan pesh-kabz gravé Persian pesh kabz dagger with chiseled blade and gilded pattern







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