Bernard Delor's Orient Blades project, a knife and sword maker focusing on oriental arms

2003, the genesis of the project

I started the Orient Blades project, willing to bring back to life the most gorgeous blades of the wide and ancient Orient, from Arabia to Ottoman Empire, from Persia to India, From Mongolia to China... I spent most of the year doing artistical, historical and technical researches, drawing, then making some of the items.

I forged all non damascus blades, made the hilts and scabbards and started working with some craftsmen whose talents helped me making this projet what it is (*).


Indo-persan pesh kabz

2004, Paris art knife show

I presented the first items at Paris SICAC and Thiers art knife show





2005, new Chinese and Mongolian theme

I presented the Bernard Delor's Orient Blades  new "arts from China and central Asia" theme at the Thiers art knife show. Dragon knife


During the last six monthes of 2005, time had come for a pause ! I started a one year blacksmithing and knifemaking  training, willing to become more accurate in my work and to be able to make my own pattern welded damascus steel.





chinese traditional folding knife2006, the Chinese folding knives

New creations, still focusing on the "China and central Asia" theme,  were shown at Thiers art knife festival. Among those, two traditional chinese folding knives.





Mongolian travel trousse



2007, the Chinese and Mongolian horseman travel set

Chinese eating set, with knife and chopstick, originally a mongolian horsemen travel trousse...






Engraved knife from the island of CreteSome traditional knife of the Balkans 

A traditional knife with gold gilding and Blalkans pattern engraving , in the style of the Island of Crete, was shown at  Paris SICAC and Thiers Art Knife festival.









Indo persan steel bichwa2008, Arms and blacksmithing of India

 Bichwa, the "scorpion sting" blade from the Indian arsenal





Oriental style hunting knifeContemporary art knife, the oriental inspiration

Some new kind of creation : a hunting knife, freely inspired by oriental style and design










2011 : Ottoman yatagan sword

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Sabre Yatagan de l'empire Ottoman






Contacts :
Bernard Delor
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(*) I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved in the project  :
Yann LeBaillif for steel engraving
Joëlle Yagüe for all gilding
Jean-Luc Soubeyras for his early involvment in the project and his technical help in pattern welding of damascus blades






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